How to Build a Boxing Ring

Have some spare space in your garage, basement, or home gym? Why not put a boxing ring in there? If you are worried about spending $10,000 for the ring, don’t be. We will help you build your own boxing ring that will cost about 10% of that. Its not difficult to make a cheap boxing ring.

History of the Ring

The ring is an old term, though boxing rings are rarely round nowadays.

The ring refers to a center starting circle in the middle of a ring at any boxing match.

Boxing rings were actual circles initially drawn out in the ground similar to Japanese Sumo Rings.

This circle was extremely common when lining out a boxing match back in the 1750s, where fighters would meet at the start of rounds.

But now we no longer make that center circle inside the box is relatively unnecessary that every fight is strictly regulated by commissions and boards.

The first proper square ring was introduced in the 1830s.

Here the term “squared circle” famously began to surface. With “Ringside seats” becoming a common term as well.

Things you need for the Boxing Ring

 Boxing Ring

Not convinced you can build a boxing ring on your own in that budget? The main components are ring posts or corners, rope and a base. These components can be

See the items you will need and you will see how easy it will be;

  1. 2-3 mattresses, any old ones lying around should do the trick. There will make the floor support of the ring.
  2. 2×2 thin boards
  3. About 200 nails or screws if you want to splurge
  4. A cordless drill
  5. Saw for cutting
  6. A good old hammer
  7. Thick ropes. These will make the ring ropes. They have to be secure so fighters can lean on them and don’t fall through
  8. Four wooden boards, 4×4. They will be the floor of the ring
  9. One 18×18 plywood board
  10. Four 18 foot 2×4
  11. Corner posts; they need to be secure to provide adequate safety. If you are going to put the ring in the corner, then you will only need one brace
  12. Rivets for posts

Building the Boxing Ring

Here the steps you need to follow when you have all the things you need to build the ring;

Step 1

Determine what size the boxing ring will be. The standard sizes of rings in amateur and professional boxing are 16, 18, and 20 feet. It is a square so it would be 20×20 feet.

You can increase or decrease the size of the ring according to the space you have but that is not recommended.

Step 2

Make an 18 foot square by placing 4×4 boards on the ground.

Step 3

Place mattresses over the wood pieces. Now you have to place the 18 foot plywood board on top of the mattresses.

Step 4

Now come the four 18 foot 2×4 boards. Place them on top of the plywood. You will need to cut the boards so they aren’t hanging off the mattresses.

Step 5

Nail the boards to the support board together. It will be hard work but you have to secure them so they don’t move around.

Step 6

Posts are next. Posts need a concreted spot in the ground. Go about 2 feet deep and concrete the posts. All 4 of them.

Step 7

You have the options of wrapping the ropes around the posts or drilling holes in the posts and attaching the ropes on them with rivets.

You can wrap the ropes with thick fabric or sacks even, to make sure that you avoid rope burns when sparring.

Boxing Ring care

If the ring is outdoors, you will need to protect it from the elements.

You will need to weather proof the wood with the help of water sealant.

You will also need to purchase a large water proof tarp. Whenever you are not using the ring, you can cover it up with tarp to keep it safe.

After following all the steps, you will have your very own boxing ring.

 Boxing Ring

When you have completed your labor, jump up and down inside the ring. We are not kidding.

This will tell you if the floor of the ring is stable or not.

You have to check the ropes as well. You don’t want them to snap during a sparring session.

If all goes well, the ring will be ready for sparring, practice sessions, solo training, coaching and group training.

Invite your friends and sparring partner to give the ring a test run. Now you can practice your boxing moves in a real ring without going far.

You can even make use of your tennis boxing cap and practice with it inside the ring.

So put in that extra time and make good use of it.