Conor McGregor vs Mayweather fight news

Mayweather and McGregor – and the Benjamins

We’ve been hearing these names everywhere in the sports world for almost a year now. Comments, reviews, fan followings and the amount of money coming in through this fight has got the ball rolling in the most historic way possible.

Earlier this week, UFC’s most loved (and) hated fighter, the notorious Conor McGregor signed his end of the deal to make this historical boxing match against Floyd Mayweather a reality, for which the American is willing to come out of retirement for. President of the biggest MMA promotion in the world, Dana White, is now waiting on Mayweather and his team to finalize and sign their end of the deal to officially announce the fight.

“They said Conor McGregor signed his end of the deal. I look forward to signing my end of the deal. I haven’t signed my end of the deal yet so once I get home, I’ll communicate with my team, I’ll talk with Al Haymon, I’ll talk with Leonard, and we’ll see what we come up with. We’ll put all our great minds together and we’re gonna have another super fight.”

Not just that, Mayweather wants his young starfighters to be on the undercard. We just heard from the ‘Man who revived boxing’, Anthony Joshua, that he wants a slice of this fight. He said this when he met Mayweather this week for the first time:

“Get me on the undercard. That’s legendary sh*t, that fight will go (down) in history.”

Even Joshua wants a piece

There is no denying the fact that Joshua has a 19 win streak with a shining career, and with his recent most exciting and jaw-dropping win over Wladimir Klitschko, he’s added a lot to his resume as a professional boxer (in not much time either).

So if the rematch isn’t happening, there is no way Joshua is letting go of the chance to present himself to the entire sports world, again.

When will it happen?

Technically speaking, this fight is still a long way from now and while this would be the most raining money fight in the history of fights, with over a $100 million on the table, this – is a fight everyone in the world is aching to see. For glory, power or the benjamins – fight fans around the world (supporters or retractors of this match-up) can’t wait to see how quick it either busts or shocks.

Either way, we at RDX are hyped.

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