Guide To Boxing Gloves Size: How To Choose Right Boxing Gloves

Stepping into the boxing ring and taking the heavy blows on your face is not a cake walk.

Nerves of steel and iron man body are required to survive the pressure in the ring. Most of the athletes often ignore that it is not only their abilities to throw punches that matter.

In the boxing ring, one of the most critical factors that decide any boxer’s success is the equipment he/she chooses.

Along with protective and fitness gear, boxing gloves are the top-notch most crucial accessory. Your poor hands have to suffer from the agony of every hard punch and direct hit.

There are various boxing gloves size that are available in the market. Ranging from 4oz to 16oz, every glove weight must be chosen according to the weight of the fighter.

In the world of amateur and professional boxing, there are general rules for the glove sizes of each and every competitor.

For anyone who is up for a fight or is about to step into the boxing world, it is customary to figure out which glove size must he/she buy.

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Boxing Gloves Size By Weight Class

Here is the introductory guide on how to choose the perfect boxing gloves size for both amateurs and professional boxers.

Amateur Boxers: 165 lbs. Division and Above

A 12-oz glove is recommended for the amateur fighters who are competing either in the middleweight and super-heavyweight divisions or the divisions among them.

While entering the ring, a middleweight boxer is not allowed to weight more than 165 lbs.

The range of weight category here is 153-165 lbs. All the boxers with weights more than 152 lbs. must wear the 12-oz glove.

Limit of the weight class below middleweight is also 152 lbs.

Amateur Boxers: 152 lbs. Division and Below

For those amateurs fighting either in the welterweight division or lower must use the 10-oz gloves.

This sizing rule is for every boxer who weighs <=152 lbs.

The lowest weight limit for the 10-oz gloves is 106 lb. This is for light flyweight category which is the lowest weight class in men’s amateur boxing.

Professional Boxers: Super-Welterweight and Above

Professional boxers wear gloves that are lighter in weight as compared to the amateur ranks.

The limits on the glove sizes for amateurs are for their own safety. They are supposed to wear larger gloves as a precaution to suffer least injuries.

When it comes to professional ranked boxing, those in heavier divisions must only compete in 10-oz gloves.

This sizing rule is for every one of them whose weight is more than 147 lbs.

Professional Boxers: Welterweight and Under

In professional boxing, lowest weight category is almost the same as in amateur boxing: 105 lb.

This lowest weight category of pro boxing is known as mini-flyweight or straw weight.

Boxers competing in welterweight division or the classes below it must wear 8-oz gloves.

They are wearing the light-weight gloves as these fighter categories involve fast speeds.

Smaller the gloves, more will be their striking and response speed.

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Quick Tips:

  • If you intend to use a 10-oz glove in the boxing ring, try to use a heavier glove for sparring. When you wear a lighter glove in the actual match, you will be able to speed-up your performance.
  • For training purposes, the recommended standard sizes are 12oz, 14oz, and 16oz.
  • Kids’ boxing gloves weigh somewhat between 4oz-8oz.
  • Don’t buy the glove that exactly fits your hand. Before trying on the glove, put on the handstraps. It will give you a hint that you might need a bigger size in the match.
  • Don’t select the glove size on your own. Always consult your trainer first!

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rdx boxing gloves size