Yoga for the Ages!


Do you feel groggy, without motivation or purpose? Do you feel like your body doesn’t move like it used to and when you attempt to workout at the gym your muscles don’t support you? Well, your solution may well be yoga. Yoga is a multilayered exercise and mindfulness system. The style uses the stretch and pull of certain poses to stress on the balance and strength the body holds. This process affects both the physical and mental aspects of daily life, giving you freer movement and clearer thoughts. Yoga Day is here, and we at RDX feel calm and encourage you to join in to benefit from the 10% discount on all our yoga products to help you get in the right headspace.

A Brief History Of Yoga.

Yogic meditation and physical exercise have been around for a long time. Somewhere around 350 BCE the first scripts of Buddhist, Hindu and Jainist texts detail controlling breath and further the essential energies of the body. They outlined these in their religious beliefs and mantras of the time: focused movements, deep meditation and reaching for the inner higher consciousness each individual possesses. 

Yoga StrapYoga Strap

What Is Yoga?

Yoga and meditation are often spoken of side by side in a historical context. Finding or discovering yourself through the art of being a yogi is considered to be a parcel of that process. In the form of a consciousness exercise stretching and meditating teaches a lot. This can include keeping a calm, stable mind despite the stress of stretches and muscle pain. That we celebrate healing and physical mastery on International Yoga Day.

The original form of yoga may require more corepower and flexibility. We recommend you start out slow, get basic stretches and breathing down first. Those basic exercises would include the cross legged position, the downward dog and the tree pose. Others that could help you include the bridge position, the warrior positions, seated forward stretch and the reclining twist. A variety of basic twists to expand your human flexibility. Balancing on one foot and equalizing the weight between both legs and balancing straight. But mostly simple stretches are your best ways of entering the Yoga world and maintaining Yoga everyday. Read about more Yoga positions on another article here.

How To Get Started In?

Some consider it important to find yourself a teacher or yogi. A yogi can help and give guidance to you through not only the movements but also the mental aspects of the art. The modern day internet variant of meditative exercise truly can be done without as well. Yoga like any other fitness exercise is dependent only upon your dedication and commitment to the art form. In return it can provide you with balance, stability and mental relaxation.

The art form can be done anywhere and everywhere, be it a park, a beach, a forest or a rooftop. Furthermore, it requires mental isolation and focus on one’s own body during the allocated time. That way Yoga can provide you solace in the fast paced city life and further your connection to yourself alone on a mountain. So it isn’t surprising that the yoga circle is growing on a daily basis globally.

Who Is Yoga For?

Anyone and everyone can access the world of Yoga and the communities involved extremely easily. Youtube has countless videos for both beginners and seasoned veterans alike. The Pandemic the fitness world saw rise to exercise routines that could be done in the comfort of anyone’s home and content creators worldwide used the opportunities made, to shed light on more health positive outlooks. Age isn’t considered a factor here, whether you’re young or old meditative exercises can benefit you. Physical exertion mixed with meditation, contemplation, introspection and reflection can help you dig deeper and find yourself. The physical exertion to your body confronting joint and muscle flexibility, muscle sores while building core strength. Read more about Online Yoga here.

RDX promotes Yoga this week for all those looking for a more positive health perspective of mind, body and soul. We encourage everyone to find some time in their day to find themselves in their hearts and practice some mindfulness and flexibility exercises on this earth for a happier, stronger tomorrow. For this goal on International Yoga Day RDX offers a 10% discount on all yoga products with the code YOGA10. So harmonize your mind & body with our eco-friendly yoga products made for the mindful yogi. Self-transformation awaits for everyone. It’s time for you to Stretch, relax and revive.