5 Takeaways from Mayweather vs McGregor for Every Boxer

Finally, the phenomenon, Mayweather vs McGregor is over. The fight was probably the most rich and hyped in history, and was worth the wait. The aftermath of the richest fight in history was just as extraordinary as the fight itself.

The undefeated Floyd Mayweather finally has his 50-0 record. Conor McGregor proved his doubters wrong by making it very difficult for Mayweather. There were a lot of lessons in Mayweather vs McGregor for every boxer and if you missed them, don’t worry! We have got those covered for you!

McGregor like Hunger

As a boxer, the first thing that you should learn from this whole scenario and the fight is getting the hunger like Conor McGregor.

The man fought one of the best boxers of our generation in his debut as a boxer; that took guts, some even called him crazy. He wanted to test himself against the best and he proved that he is no slack. When everyone was saying that he would get knocked out in the first round and won’t be able to land a single punch, he kept training and answered them in fine fashion by taking the fight to Mayweather in the early rounds.

Lesson 1: Have the same fire in your bellies and test yourself against the best in your sport.


Conor McGregor with white boxing gloves hitting punching bag at press event


Have Realistic Expectations

Conor McGregor was confident, he trained hard and gained the right skill set. But he was still going up against a man that had entered the ring 49 times and walked out a winner 49 times.

McGregor used the element of surprise, as it were, but he couldn’t maintain that same intensity as the fight went into later rounds. Fatigue showed on McGregor and Mayweather took advantage.

Lesson 2: Always have realistic expectations about the fighter you are facing and have a counter attack plan.

One Trick Pony

Everyone thought of Floyd Mayweather as the best defensive boxer of all times. People expected him to use his defense to his advantage, which he did but the fighter we saw inside the ring against McGregor wasn’t just defensive.

Mayweather was aggressive, more in the later rounds, and took every opportunity to deliver punching combos that took a lot out of his opponent. He used varying tactics against McGregor. If one didn’t work, he switched to another one.

Lesson 3: Have different fighting strategies in place, in case the primary one fails.

Make it Difficult for the Opponent

Conor McGregor may not have come out as the winner of the fight. But he did give Mayweather one hell of a time in the ring. Just by looking at the first three rounds of the fight you could tell that Conor wasn’t going to back down. He landed a lot of punches in those rounds. He also made the rest of the fight very competitive and made the 40 year old Mayweather muster all his energies and reach into all his experience to defeat him.

After the fight, McGregor expressed that fight was ended too quickly and that he was capable of making a comeback in the last couple of rounds. It would have been tough for him but we will never know.

Lesson 4: Fight hard and don’t fold no matter what type of opponent you are facing.

Tune Out the Noise

The fight was so hyped and everyone had an opinion about the fight. Conor is not a boxer, he won’t last long in the ring. Mayweather is past his prime, he won’t be able to handle 12 rounds of boxing.

And these are the kindest opinions that people had on the fight. But it was the mental fortitude of both fighters that kept them going. They focused on the opponent and trained without letting any other opinion distract them. This is why they were able to prove all of them wrong.

Lesson 5: Don’t listen to naysayers and keep your focus on the fight at hand.

boxers standing inside ring Mayweather vs McGregor Aftermath

The show and the spectacle of Mayweather vs McGregor was something to behold but the lessons mentioned above are more valuable for boxers than anything else. If you are a beginner or an amateur boxer, you can learn from these lessons and ensure that you are well prepared for your next fight.