How to Clean Boxing Gloves and Wraps

Here, we’re going to cover every topic from how to maintain and clean boxing gloves down to keeping your shin guards and head gear fresh and almost brand as new. Clean boxing gloves are important but so is everything else. One thing is for sure, you’ll learn more than how to clean head guards, but also how to pick the right size for one too.

How to Clean Boxing Gloves

There’s no better feeling than that of clean boxing gloves – or MMA, Muay Thai, Taekwondo, Gym or other types of gloves for that matter. Cleaning them, however, a tedious task is necessary. Combat and fitness are un-comfy as it is, but taking care of your gear ensures their durability, hygiene and keeps the odors away when you train.

Quality boxing or MMA gloves are usually made from leather or synthetic leather. The Manufacturing processes and padding materials are also similar, which makes their cleaning methodologies same as well.

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We will be talking about how to clean boxing gloves, as well as how to clean leather, but the methodologies given below can be used for cleaning all other combat sports and gym gloves as well.

Clean gloves using products

One of the easiest ways to clean boxing gloves is through products that are made for disinfecting, deodorizing, and cleaning such gear. These products are safe to use on your leather gloves and won’t damage them in any way.

red boxing glove being sprayed fitness gear

Some of the best products for clean boxing gloves are:

1. Odor Aid Spray

Odor Aid is an antibacterial and anti-odor spray specifically made for cleaning sports equipment like boxing gloves.

  • Just spray it on the gloves, inside and out
  • Leave the gloves out in the open air for a few hours to dry it out
  • You will have fresh smelling gloves on your hands

You get Odor Aid online by clicking here.

2. Envii Kit Fresh

You can clean your smelly boxing gloves with the Envii Kit Fresh. The spray systematically breaks down the sweat that has accumulated on the gloves’ material and keeps the bad odors away. It also has antimicrobial properties.

  • Use the spray on the gloves, be careful about the quantity of the liquid over the outer layer
  • Spray the inside generously
  • The gloves will need time to dry before you use them

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3. Essential Oils

You can use tea tree and lavender oil to clean the gloves and remove the foul smells. They have disinfectant properties and these particular essential oils are also beneficial for the material of the gloves as they prolong its life by locking the natural moisture of the leather inside.

  • Add 4-5 drops of the oil in a cup of water
  • Dip a cloth in the mixture and use it to clean the gloves’ inside and outside
  • Leave them to dry properly before use

Essential oils can be purchased from stores or online, whichever way is more convenient for you.

4. ECO Whiff Sports Deodorisers

Excellent for clean boxing gloves. You can just place the small pouches inside each glove after you train, and when you next wear them they will be smelling minty fresh.

Check out the product here.

5. Disinfectant Wipes

You can also use any kind of disinfectant wipes, like the Clinell Universal Wipes, to clean the outside and inside of the gloves.

However, the wipes will not get the sweat out completely. But they will get the bacteria away from the outer and inner layers of the gloves.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do keep a safe distance from the gloves when using disinfectant sprays.
  • Don’t use too much spray as excess moisture can damage the glove’s material.
  • Do dilute the oils with water before use.
  • Don’t leave the Deodorisers inside the gloves for more than a day.
  • Don’t use the wipes with any other type of cleaning solution.

Clean gloves using home remedies

If you don’t want to spend money on products, you can use the following at home solutions or DIY remedies to clean your boxing gloves:

hand cleaning blue boxing glove with cloth

1. Clean Boxing gloves with a wet cloth

A good old wet cloth can be used to clean any type of gloves.

  • Take a bowl of lukewarm water and a soft piece of cloth
  • Clean the gloves gently with the wet cloth
  • Wipe the inside of the glove as well
  • Dry the gloves before using them

Though this method gets all the grime off the gloves, it doesn’t do much about the odor.

2. Water and vinegar cleaning solution

This method is safe for use on leather boxing gloves.

  • Add 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar in a cup of water
  • Pour some on a soft piece of cloth
  • Clean the outside and the inside of the gloves with it
  • Hang them in a ventilated area to dry them out

This will get rid of the bacteria effectively. Some people do find the smell of vinegar appalling. If you are among them then you may want to take a test whiff of the solution before you clean. Avoid this method if you don’t like the smell and try one of the other methods.

3. Use apple cider to clean the gloves

Apple cider is one of the most dynamic liquids on the planet, it is used in hundreds of different ways.

You can use it to clean your gloves as well;

  • Take out a tablespoon full of apple cider
  • Pour it on your hand
  • Use your fingers to reach into the gloves and give them a thorough scrub
  • Let them get dry overnight
  • In the morning, you will have fresh and non-stinky gloves

4. Clean boxing gloves – Freeze the bacteria away

It may sound weird, but it is technically the best way to get rid of the bacteria and clean your boxing gloves. The method doesn’t damage the leather in any way.

  • Put the gloves inside a zip lock bag
  • Place your gloves in a plastic bag
  • Put them in the freezer overnight
  • Let them dry the next morning

This freeze therapy for gloves will make them super clean.

5. Using baking soda to keep gloves fresh

Baking soda can work against any odor creating bacteria. But you can’t sprinkle it directly inside the glove.

  • First, you should get a pair of socks
  • Put baking soda inside the socks
  • Stuff the socks inside the boxing gloves properly
  • Leave them overnight
  • All the foul smells will be gone in the morning

Dos and Don’ts for Clean Boxing Gloves

  • Don’t soak the gloves in any kind of solution, it can cause irreparable damage.
  • Don’t put the gloves in a washing machine.
  • Do dry the gloves before using them again.
  • Don’t leave the gloves in the freezer for more than 24 hours.
  • Do get clean socks for using baking soda inside the gloves.
  • Don’t use alcohol, or alcohol-based products, to clean your boxing gloves, alcohol is no friend to leather gear

Tips for drying boxing gloves

When you have used one, or more, of the methods mentioned above to clean the boxing gloves, you have to ensure that they are properly dry before you use them for training.

Pair of red boxing gloves hanging on wall

Use the following tips for clean boxing gloves them properly, in the form of dos and don’ts;

  1. Do dry the gloves after every use and before storage
  2. Do open the glove, Velcro or laces, properly and hang dry them in an area that is properly ventilated
  3. Do stuff tissues and old newspapers inside the gloves to soak up the moisture
  4. Do place them under a fan after opening the straps to dry them quickly
  5. Don’t place them in direct sunlight that can damage them
  6. Don’t place them near a flame as leather can lose its moisture and crack
  7. Don’t put them in a clothes dryer
  8. Don’t use a blow dryer to dry the gloves
  9. Don’t put them near a heating vent

Effects of not cleaning or caring for gloves

Some fighters, we are not naming names here, forget to, or simply don’t clean their boxing gloves. That is clearly not a good idea.

black and red boxing glove ripped at top

You have to think of hygiene and life of your glove, not to mention your hands;

  1. Not cleaning your gloves regularly promotes the growth of bacteria inside the glove. When you wear them like that it leaves your skin vulnerable to infection.
  2. Sweat and grime can build up in the gloves’ material and cause cracks in it or the seams.
  3. The smell will keep getting worst when the sweat buildup inside the glove is not dealt with regularly.
  4. Leather boxing or MMA gloves are supposed to last years, but not cleaning them properly at regular intervals affects their durability.
  5. Gloves will touch the skin of your opponents and it could become the cause of infections for them.

Use of inner wear or hand wraps is advised

Fighters should wear inner gloves or hand wraps when they train; there is a dual purpose for boxers.

  • They will provide you with an extra layer of protection while holding your fist together for those power shots
  • They can soak in excessive sweat and protect your glove

folded black and red hand wraps

The inner gloves can be washed, cleaned and dried easily. Throw in the washing machine and dry them in the sun. So add a couple of them to your kit today.

Affordable Gloves that are easy to clean

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Black, blue, grey pair of boxing gloves

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The tips and cleaning methodologies mentioned above detail how to clean all types of training and fighting gloves. You can also use these tips on your shin guards, head guard, abdomen guard, focus pads and any other leather or synthetic leather gear you possess.

Keep your gear looking and feeling like brand new for as long as you train and fight. Never forget to authenticate your product, learn how to here.

If there’s something we’re missing out and you feel you can add to, then please sound off in the comment section below.

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