The Coaches Behind RDX Ambassadors

The glorious fighters, legends and heroes we witness at RDX everyday have spent years of their lives developing, assimilating and creating their undisputed talent. These specialists in the ring did not however make this progress alone. Such forging of giants, claiming of Excalibur, and adorning of the one ring could only be done with the right trainers, coaches, sensei’s, teachers and mentors.

Table Of Contents

  • Nathan Gorman On His Coaches

  • Trevor Hannant Speaks About Tang Academy

  • Lyndon Arthur Coach Pat

  • Zelfa Barrett On His Uncle

  • Khamzat Chimaev With His Coaches And Team

Nathan Gorman On His Coaches:

Nathan Gorman has been boxing for nearly 10 years now and his coaches have taught him all the tricks of the trade. From shockwave power shots to head rolling knockout blows. He’s extremely grateful for all the investment and efforts his sensei’s have bestowed him with.

“I think my trainer has changed my mindset Because obviously Like a role model in the gym and You go in there And he’s your coach So you trust everything he says Obviously and for me being a boxer he’s preparing you for potentially going to war (even)”

Trevor Hannant’s Coaches

Taekwondo specialist and teacher speaks highly about his coaches from Tang Academy. He made his debut in Taekwondo in 2014 and since then has been teaching the masses on his extremely successful Instagram channel. Here’s what he had to say about his coaches Master Eldon and Master Richard Eldon:

“Master Eldon and Master Richard Eldon Fantastic coaches for me for twenty years They see my full potential And help me reach things I never thought I could achieve Some of my toughest moments Came in competitions and when I was competing The calm approach to coaching and teaching Helps get through the most toughest struggles And helps me develop the confidence and discipline I needed for not only training but also in my life But most importantly they make training fun and enjoyable Which I look forward to more in the future”

Lyndon Arthur 

The boxing legend Pat Barrett has trained many title winning fighters. He expects them to stand up to any challenge. Lyndon King Arthur is one such athlete mentored and molded for the ring. Here is what Lyndon had to say for/about Pats training at Black Flash Promotions.

Zelfa Barrett

As the name suggests, the young nephew of “The Black Flash”, Pat Barrett, is also a boxer. Zelfa’s been fighting for almost ten years now and both him and Pat almost see each other as reflections of each other. Zelfa has often said boxing was a family business for him and Pat agrees in the following video.

Khamzat Chimaev

King Borz has a large team to help him through the many trials of the UFC from training to weight cut. Coaches; Alan Finfou, Andreas Michael, Reza Madidi and even his teammates Alexander Gustafson, Bilal Tipsaev, Guram Kutateladze and Darren Till, each playing their part for The Allstar Training Center.

RDX Celebrates the Heroes, Superstars and Fighters that forge new Champions and Legends to carry on the torch to victory. Throughout your training and fitness, take the time out to thank your trainers, mentors and sensei’s for all the investment and time they put into you. To create new legends for the future.