How to stay fit and strong at work?

If you’re the kind that works day and night, then MMA training is your way of staying fit. If you’re not looking to fight professionally, Mixed martial arts is one of those sports that not only builds extreme strength, agility and fitness, but also confidence, patience and self-esteem. It’s not just about fighting opponents inside the ring, rather it’s a way of life where you fight for every injustice in your surroundings. It also gives you much needed will and power to do the right thing.

This post is for the average office worker who spends most of his time on a desk, behind screens, typing their lives away, one key at a time. They can hugely benefit from MMA training not just to stay in shape but also to boost their mental confidence.

Let’s see what they need to do to strengthen and condition their body.

The Workout

For this workout you don’t need much time and can be completed in few minutes depending on your fitness level. Normally each routine requires about 30-60 seconds, if you are a beginner, start at 30 seconds and increase the time gradually. After each exercise you need a rest period of 30 seconds, reduce that time to 10 seconds over a period of time. As you progress and get better in shape, you can increase the rounds.

Speed Rows

This exercise involves performing fast paced rowing motion with the help of an elastic resistance band. This can be achieved by hanging an elastic resistance band over a pull-up bar or doorframe of your office.

Plyometric Push-Ups

This push-up technique is similar to the normal push-up routine except that when you push up, push up really hard so your hands are no longer on the ground with your arms in extended position. An easier variation includes hands on the wall. Perform 30-60 second reps.

Twisting Medicine Ball Slams

For this exercise you need 8-12 pound medicine ball. In order to perform stand facing away from the wall while holding the ball in front of your midsection. Make sure your elbows are bent then twist explosively to one side, and bounce the ball off the wall. Now perform same step on the other side for 30-60 seconds.

If you follow this workout during a day while in office or at home, it will help you gain incredible martial arts strength and endurance.