How to have the Best Pull up Workout for Women?

Most women find solace in matching anywhere close to the repetitions churned out by their male counter parts on the pull bar. Whereas the physics of pull up bars presents quite a different story, Men have a certain advantage over women because of lower body weights and shorter arm length. This means that women need to increase the number of repetitions that a man of similar body mass index might have to.

Try and balance your diet with your training routine and shed a little bit of body fat to crank that pull bar and get those lats and back in shape. There are different types of pull ups with different levels of difficulty, progression in ascending order is always a good plan.

Australian Pull Up Bar

The easiest of the lot. Kangaroos very own, the Australian Pull Up. It is performed on a bar that is waist high and lets you slide beneath on your back. Use an overhand or underhand grip with knees slightly bent. Lift yourself and touch your chest to the bar. Be very careful when attempting to do Australian Pull up as it is a different plane of motion, this exercise works the muscles from a different angle than standard pull-ups or chin-ups, placing additional emphasis on the muscles of the mid-back, as well as the biceps, abs and upper-back.


Simplest but not the easiest by any means. Simply hang by the bar with a small jump and remain stationary for 30 seconds.

Flexed Hang

Hang from the bar but flex your elbows and try a semi chin up. Through this exercise you will lift yourself for only a few inches but it will go down as a big step towards conquering the bar. Hanging exercises are overall good for strengthening your hand and wrist muscles.

Monkey Bar

You remember hating or loving monkey bars in the school ground? Well, they were installed there for a reason, it helps kids build strength from a very young age. Monkeys are the kings of the bar. And it’s always nice to take inspiration from the master. Find a monkey bar which has around 10 bars between start and finish. Use the overhead grip and complete multiple laps back and forth.

By now you’re ready to enter a four week pull up bar workout regime that guarantees the perfect upper body and a top level of fitness.

Week 1

Monday –3 sets of 10 repetitions- Australian Pull-Up

Wednesday- 3 sets till failure- Bar Hang with Chin Up

Friday- 3 sets of 10 repetitions- Australian Pull Up

Week 2

Monday- 3 sets till failure- Bar Hang with Chin Up

Wednesday- 5 sets of 15 repetitions- Australian Pull Up

Friday- 5 sets till failure- Bar Hang with Chin Up

Week 3

Monday -5 sets of 15 repetitions- Australian Pull-Up- 5 sets till failure- Bar Hang with Chin Up

Wednesday– 3 sets of 10 repetitions- Australian Pull Up- 10 sets of 1 repetitions- Slow Negative Pull Up

Friday-5 sets till failure-Bar Hang with Chin Up- 10 sets of 2 repetitions- Slow Negative Pull Up

Week 4

Monday- 10 sets of 1 repetitions- Self assisted chin up

Wednesday- 1 set till failure- Flexed Arm Hang

Friday- 3 sets till failure- Flexed Arm Hang


Don’t be scared after reading the repetitions and sets. Its ok if you’re not able to complete the set in one go, it takes time and consistency to achieve the perfect pull up. Remember! Pull up fast and go back towards the ground real slow as you’re working against gravity here too.

This routine is guaranteed to set you up for solid sets of pull ups. But remember, consistency is the key to maintaining and increasing the number of chin ups. Calisthenics training is a vast universe of exercise in itself and everyone should explore their bodily strengths and test the regular limits with the dawn of every new day.