Mayweather Khan fight likely… but not in September

The still undefeated Floyd Mayweather emerged as the sole pound-for-pound king in the boxing world on May 2 after defeating Manny Pacquiao. But his journey is not over yet. Mayweather is under contract with CBS for a fight during the month of September. The fight will be a no-title fight as Mayweather is planning to giveaway all his five titles in a matter of days and free him off the burden.

There is no name given for the September fight yet, but apparently the British Boxer Amir Khan is the hot-favorite and most willing to jump in the ring with Mayweather. Before the ‘fight of the century’ kicked off several media outlets stated that the winner of the bout will have nothing to gain from the fight with Khan, but now that Mayweather has relinquished his belts, which means the fight could be on the horizon.

In a statement released by Floyd Mayweather Jr’s father, Mayweather Sr. said that Mayweather should go for a fight with Khan in September. He also said that it would be an easy victory for Mayweather and given that Mayweather would have no belts, he wouldn’t be under pressure to lose the titles. The boxing promoter Eddie Hearn however is of the opinion that Mayweather may overlook Kell Brook and a couple of other good fighters in hopes of facing Khan.

Given that Khan is younger than Mayweather and has been looking forward to a big fight, the fight can turn tables on Mayweather. Khan recently said that he has hope for the bout to happen as he was approached by Mayweather’s team member at Las Vegas. He said that Mayweather’s manager told him to “get the fight on”.

There is however one complication; that Khan observes Muslim sacred month of Ramadan which is why a fight in September is not possible for him soon. Khan said that he has Mayweather’s number and is ready to do whatever Mayweather wants, but added that I cannot do September because of the Ramadan due to which he cannot schedule a bout this year. But if Mayweather agrees to have the bout early next year, I will be surely part of it.

Commenting on Pacquiao and Mayweather’s 2nd May fight, which Khan watched from a ringside seat he said that Pacquiao slowed down to Mayweather which is why he lost. He said that Pacman should have taken and continued his own pace and took benefit of the age difference.

Showing confidence in himself, Khan said that if there is anyone who can get Mayweather and throw some good punches and give a good fight against Mayweather, its Amir Khan.