Mix it up – This Easter

Calorie-filled Easter! Its okay you know. As long as you stay dedicated to your health and fitness goals all year round, a few chocolate filled days of celebrating are quite alright. But no one’s stopping you from being a little creative and combining the two.

There are a ton of Easter activities that you can turn into workouts. That way you won’t have to pull back from those friend and family gatherings.


Hop Hunt

That hunt for the Easter egg? How about players only get to hunt while they hop? You wanna turn, move forward, move backward? You hop for it!


Egg Surprise

How about, instead of the hiding the gift in the egg, you put in a list of prerequisites (exercises) in the egg, on the completion of which, the location of the gift will be revealed to whoever finds the egg.


Eggstacle Course

Another thing that you can do is set the eggs in plain sight and set-up an obstacle course to get to them. Get ’em to put in hard work for that chocolate-covered egg. First checkpoint? Five push-ups. Second checkpoint? Barrel-roll towards the third. You get the idea!


Work for your Egg

You can just hand the eggs over to the kids, but there’s catch! Get ’em to workout for them. Compile a list of exercises that they’re supposed to do. Whoever finishes first, gets the best one.

We can keep on going, but the point is to stay active during the festivities and keep others active as well. You don’t need to work too hard to keep what you eat in check. Even reading this will be enough to keep a little attention towards your health during the celebrations. You’ll automatically keep your activities in check. Make sure you maintain a balance throughout the day.

Easter Day Sale

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RDX S3 Nabla Palm Hector Gym Gloves
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RDX A1 Ankle Strap for Cable Machine Workout

RDX A1 Ankle Strap for Cable Machine Workout
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RDX S15 Leather Gym Fitness Gloves

RDX S15 Leather Gym Fitness Gloves
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RDX S9 Glaze Leather Gym Gloves

RDX S9 Glaze Leather Gym Gloves
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RDX S8 Bold Leather Gym Gloves

RDX S8 Bold Leather Gym Gloves
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